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dog and cat kennel

Ryan & Sandee

and Jake the Dog

dog and cat kennel

Break Time

For sure you are going to want to know who is looking after your pets...... well meet Ryan Montgomery and Sandee Kristensen who have made Whiskers and Woofers a return destination for special guests.

There is not an animal they don't love and that love is shown, time and time again, with rescues of all types. 

Many people, perhaps, will have run into Ryan chefing, over the years.. He has also worked with Sysco Foods, a large food distribution firm, where he handled a territory and spent time advising clients on systems and menus. As well you might find him around the 'farm' operating his Bobcat Tractor--'Vegas' which is where he really likes to spend his time.

As for Sandee, you can find her greeting the animal guests and their owners, all the while covering 'miles' all day long between the various kennel buildings---making sure every pet is getting attention.  

Sandee is also a certified groomer and often you will find her busy 'touching up' one of the 'guests'.

Little is known about her fund  raising efforts but every September, when the saskatoon berries are ready, she will be busy picking the fruit and making pies to raise donations for animal organizations, and other not-for-profit groups in need.  Many customers of the kennel, every fall, look forward to making a donation and recieving one or more of Sandee's fabulous PIE'S

Finally, a retired LPN, Sandee also has a very good understanding of health and injury issues that might come up.

dog and cat kennel
  • Small boutique kennel

  • Buildings for different sizes

  • Video surviellance 

  • Dogs and Cat

  • Grooming Services

  • Large Exercise Areas

  • Cleaning Daily service

  • Toys

  • All Kennels Heated in winter

  • Cooled in the Summer

  • Evacuation Trailers at the ready

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