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Dog Chooses "Sandee" over a Bear

Sometimes a dog owner just has to use whatever incentive is going to work. When food or recalls don't work then maybe you just have to suggest a visit to a person the dog really likes to get them distracted.

Here is a little story over the Thanksgiving Weekend that ended what could have been a bad situation for Koos and Jip a couple of Border Collies in Kelowna.

Hi Sandee,

I had to share the following story with you:

This morning we had a bear in our yard. i let the dogs out not knowing and they ran towards him at which time the bear climbed up a tree. Of course the dogs kept barking under the tree and they would not listen. Screaming, cookie bribes, nothing worked. At one point Koos got distracted and I was able to grab him but not Jip. After ten minutes of not being able to get jip to calm down Tom drove up to him, opened the door and said 'Jip, do you want to go see Sandee?' Without a doubt he jumped in the car. lol.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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